About Me

Iíve been working in Photography for a while, before the days of digital. I took a ten year break (to pursue my career) and after purchasing my first DSLR five years ago, Iíve come back to the enjoyment of it all.

My preference in photography, are pictures with people and emotion as well as canned shots. I try to capture the feeling within the picture, but Iím never happy with my pictures as I can always see ways to improve. Iíve covered small events like birthdays, receptions, etc where thereís no defined format which suits my canned style (I tend to not follow convention). Iíve also done shoots for student catwalks, fashion shows, artist CD covers, and modelís portfolio stock pictures.

Iíve worked with professional photographer on location and in a studio format that have seen their work in magazines internationally. Iím always happy taking pictures so long as I donít get any grey hair doing it. This isnít my livelihood thus I wouldnít class myself as a professional but i don't feel i'm a novice either.